You Booked A Nice Hotel Room, You May As Well Use It

kandi5You've booked your posh hotel room in Las Vegas and are ready to enjoy the casinos, entertainment and fine dining during a vacation or business stay. With all the activities available in the area, you may find that you spend a great deal of time outside of your hotel room. What a shame! With the amount of money spent on luxury quarters, here are some options to consider to make sure you haven't wasted it unnecessarily.

Make A Point To Appreciate The Surroundings

Instead of getting up in the morning, flying through the necessary tasks to get ready for your day, and zipping out the door to take in the city's amenities, take your time so you can appreciate your hotel room surroundings first. Wake up a few minutes earlier than normal and have your first cup of coffee on your porch or next to the window so you can look down upon the city without the feeling of stress. Look at the artwork incorporated into your room and jot down names so you can look up further information about each artist during your free time. Turn off your television and ditch your phone for a bit so you are turned into the decor and views from your room.

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In Room Massage - A Great Way to Start Your Day (and End It)

fawn5Massage can be an exhilarating experience, especially if it is administered by the right person. Here are some benefits you'll enjoy when you hire an in-room masseuse to give you a massage.

Brighten Your Morning In Style

It is wise to start your day at a slow pace. No one really likes having to jump up and get going as soon as the alarm clock goes off. Lying around in bed and taking your time can help keep you from undue stress and will allow you to start your day feeling relaxed. Hiring a masseuse to give you a good morning massage can make this even better! Call to hire a masseuse to provide you with relaxing movements along your body, helping you ease into your day favorably. 

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We Go Out of Our Way to Make You Comfortable

ashley3Chances are, you are here looking at our content to find out more about in-room massages and the process of having one yourself. If you have some worries about this prospect, we want to assure you that our comfort is our first and foremost concern. We have several beautiful women on-board to select from, and your massage will be one that you will be likely to remember for some time after it is given. Here are some ways our girls use to make their clients completely comfortable with the session they receive.

You'll Get To Spend Time With Your Masseuse Before She Lays A Hand On You

It can be weird having a complete stranger put their hands all over your body. One way to ease the tension of a massage, is to get to know the person who will be administering it beforehand. This lightens the mood and makes it easier for you to relax so you can benefit from the process to the fullest. The woman you select will show up at your designated location and spend quality time with you first. This gives you the chance to talk with her, get to know her personality, and ask questions about the procedure if you wish. If you really want to get to know her in detail, she is available to accompany you to dinner, a drink, or a club before you get down to business.

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9 Reasons In Room Massage Is Better Than A Strip Club

alisha4It wouldn't be a trip to Vegas without stopping off at a strip club, would it? Well, that depends. Sure, it's a fun time to go and see some of the best strippers in the world. But is that all you really want? Is popping in, seeing a girl with a top off and then leaving really the reason you came to Vegas? It might be one of the reasons, but it's not going to make or break your time in Sin City. Let's say though that you do want to see a naked woman before hopping on a plane and heading back to where you come from. Nothing wrong with that, but if that really is what you're looking for, there are other options far better than heading off to a strip club, such as booking yourself an in-room massage. Just how much better is an in-room massage over a strip club though? Let's count the ways.

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