Soapy Massage

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Hire A Personal Massage Artist To Your Room

If you live or are visiting Las Vegas, you want the best that the city has to offer. One way to pamper yourself while in Sin City is with a relaxing massage session. Instead of going to a spa or massage parlor, having one of our girls to your room to give you the massage you deserve without fanfare at all. A Las Vegas soapy massage is a fantasy massage experience you won't ever forget. Read on to find out what this type of session entails.

The Massage Artist Of Your Choice

The benefit in hiring girls to your room is that you have the power to select exactly which one you want to administer your Las Vegas soapy massage. There's no worry about having someone you find unattractive tending to your body. The attraction level you have with your personal masseuse helps to release stress and allows you to enjoy the session to the fullest. This way you are ensured a session that leads to full relaxation and a lot of fantasy intertwined within.

A Private Setting For Your Comfort

When you hire one of our girls to your room, no one is around to worry about meddling with your affairs. When you go to a spa, there's always the risk of running into someone you know. Then you need to make small talk, and the overall aura is less than relaxing. In the comfort of your home or hotel room, you'll enjoy conversing with your massage artist and her only. There's no need to impress anyone or engage in conversation you would rather avoid.

Everything That Happens Is Discreet

If you do not wish for anyone to know that you are hiring a massage artist to give you a personal session, there is no need to worry. Our women know the importance of keeping clients' personal information completely safe. No one will know that you had a session unless you tell them yourself. This is especially important if you have a significant other who you feel would not understand your desire for a Las Vegas soapy massage. Everything that happens during your session remains confidential.

Consider Letting Your Partner In On The Fun

Instead of hiding a Las Vegas soapy massage session, you always have the opportunity of inviting your partner along. Surprising them with a couples massage is an option as well. Our massage artists will tend to each of your bodies, allowing you to enjoy seeing and hearing your partner enjoy themselves with pure relaxation.

What The Session Will Entail

If you never had a fantasy massage in the past, you might wonder exactly what you will be getting when your personal masseuse shows up at your home or hotel room. First, you'll get to know your artist in detail. She'll share some aspects of her life with you and ask you questions about your own. Feel free to open up to your massage artist completely as the information you provide will help her target key areas of the body for maximum benefits.

After your meet and greet, you'll be asked to strip down to nothing. The wonderful part of hiring a personal masseuse is that she will do the same. This enhances the experience and allows you to think about thoughts that excite you while your massage artist tends to your muscles. If you opt for a Las Vegas soapy massage, she'll have you get into a tub or jacuzzi filled with bubbles. She'll then slide in with you and work on your body. For a fantasy massage, your bed, the floor, or any piece of furniture will work just fine. Use your imagination and enjoy the experience!