ASMR Massage

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Enjoy The Thrill Of An ASMR Massage In Your Room

ASMR is an acronym for autonomous sensory meridian response. This phenomenon causes a relaxed state which is accompanied by a sensation often described as tingling in the body. It usually starts in the head and spreads down the spine when particular sounds, visions, or touches are experienced. ASMR massage uses all of these points (sound, vision, and touch) to provide clients with extreme pleasure. Read on to learn what you can expect during a Las Vegas exotic massage when you have one of our girls direct to you to provide it.

Select Your Massage Artist

The woman who provides you with a professional massage makes a difference in how your body reacts to her presence. For ASMR to work, you need to have a connection with your masseuse. This is usually enhanced when the provider is attractive to you. All of our women are of course beautiful, however, taking the time to select one that you are drawn to physically will boost your chances of a successful ASMR experience. Take a look through the profiles we have listed on our page and glance through the photographs of each of our available massage artists. When you find one that you find suitable, just give us a call or send us a text and we will handle the setup of your Las Vegas exotic massage according to your schedule.

Enjoy The Privacy Included With Your Session

When it comes to ASMR massage, there is no need for distraction. These will make it harder for you to focus so the sensations you desire happen easily. To achieve this, it is best to have the session conducted in a completely private setting. We send one of our girls direct to you. This means you'll have the comfort of being in a setting you are familiar with. You will have all the amenities you need in spots where you can locate them without searching. You'll feel at ease. You'll also not have to worry about onlookers of any kind. The session is held with just you and your massage artist. You do have the option of having a partner there as well if you decide to partake in a couple's ASMR massage. 

Enjoy The Sensations To The Fullest

When your massage artist arrives, she will ask you to strip down to no clothing. This is extremely important, so she can access all parts of the body, including your erogenous zones. She will also be nude for your massage. This enhances the entire experience and makes it easier for you to get that tingling feeling you are looking forward to. Be sure to take in the beauty of your masseuse visually. Listen to the soft whispers of her voice as she instructs you how she'd like you to position your body at any given time. Really take in the feeling of her fingers as they stroke portions of your body. In no time, you'll feel that tingling sensation creeping upon your scalp. Revel in this feeling as it makes its way down your back and possibly to your arms. You may get goosebumps. Relish them! 

Should your ASMR massage not give you the exact sensations you seek, your massage artist may need to tweak the actions she conducts to your liking. Do not be at all embarrassed to speak up if you would like her to tend to a particular area. When we send one of our girls direct to you to give a Las Vegas exotic massage, your happiness comes first. Let your massage artist know whether you are blissful by moaning or speaking out. Once she hits the right spots, she'll focus upon them to keep your sensations flowing!