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Drink A Ton And Work Out The Toxins Later With A Nude Massage

gia2Do you like to party? Are you ready to go out for St. Patrick's Day? Are you looking for a sexy woman to spend time with you when you do so? Do you want to have fun after the partying comes to an end as well? Now is the time to make your plans so you celebrate this Irish holiday with a bang.

Get Ready For Some Serious Drinking

St. Patrick's Day, as everyone knows, is a huge drinking holiday. You need to get yourself in gear so you can last with the big boys if you want to stay out for a while. Make sure you don't skimp on meals before you head out into the city. Have a large dinner so you don't get drunk too early in the game. Pace yourself! Many people pound down the beverages and then find themselves wasted before they even get started. This isn't a fun way to enjoy the holiday. Bringing a date to help you stay on course is an alternative. She will know when to get you a snack or distract you so you don't have too much, too soon. 

Party With Your Date To The Fullest

An escort will know which Irish pubs are having great entertainment and which nightclubs have the best DJs for the occasion. She'll also know which restaurants are open and offering Irish meals if you get hungry. Going out with someone familiar with the area is the best way to get in on the action. No one wants to go out alone on St. Paddy's Day! No one wants to end up at a dud bar either! Go out with a sexy lady and watch the others wish they were the ones that brought her along. You'll have plenty of laughs and you'll have a hard time taking your eyes, and hands, off of her as well.

Head Back For A Night Cap You'll Remember

No matter how much you have to drink on St. Patrick's Day, you'll remember the time you spend with your date when you get back to your hotel room. She's there to fulfill your fantasies and make sure you are completely relaxed and satiated with the night you have together. This can start off with a sexy striptease to get you going, a lap dance to get close to your date, and an invigorating massage to help you sober up.

Think about spooning against your date, fully unclothed, while exploring each other's body. How about having a few laughs about the time you had out and about while all warm and cozy in bed together? What about a sexy NURU massage complete with slick oils to relieve muscle tension and get you in the mood for romance? Want to try fulfilling fantasies and engaging in some fetishes with your date? Not a problem. No matter what you have on the docket, your date is there to help you celebrate the holiday in any style you wish. All you need to do to get the party going is to give us a call or email/text us to set up your session.